Basics of A Mechanical Watch

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It’s time to upgrade your watch, but being used to the digital watches you used casually or for sports, you want a little more knowledge of the Mechanical Watch. Anyways here’s the Basic Components of a Mechanical Watch.

Components of a Mechanical Watch


Bracelet or Strap
This we know from any kind of watch no change here. Bracelet and Strap are used to secure your watch to your wrist, but in order to consider it as a Bracelet, it should be made of metal.

The Case contains the moving parts of the watch and the dial. Comes in different styles and different materials.

There’s a knob on the side of the case of the watch, that’s the Crown. It’s used to set the calendar and time and also winds the watch.

Here you find the display of the watch. Often found in different colors, it’s a basic part of the watch but with power enough to make a watch different from others! Also known as the face.

Hour Marker
Self-explanatory, right?

The Hands makes the Hour Marker come in handy. The hands indicate the time, most Mechanical Watches have three hands, to show hours, minutes, and seconds.

On top of the dial/face of the watches, you find the Crystal, which is used for protection of the watch and reduce glare.

Usually made of metal. You find it around the Crystal.

Used to connect the Case with the Bracelet or Strap

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