The Watching On The Cake

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When it comes to clothing styles there’s a thousand different styles. All of them are unique in their own way, but if you lack the watch, your outfit isn’t fully completed. At least that’s our opinion at Mr. Timeless.

You know that feeling of being naked, when you accidently leave home without your watch? Looking at your wrist only to realize it’s not their. That’s how connected watches are to us and also our style! Have you ever seen G-shock watch mixed a Light brown suit? Or baggy pants with a simplistic Daniel Wellington watch? - You might have, but did it go well together?

Not to say that only one type of watch goes with different clothing styles, we think a variety of types can complete a variety of styles.

One example, as mentioned before, is the fully suited man which in the modern world compares well with both luxury, simplistic watches and minimalistic activity trackers. We do recommend an analogue watch here at Mr. Timeless, if your are looking for a watch for your suit.


Click on the picture to show this watch!

It’s all about completing you wardrobe with the icing on the cake! Take a look at your wardrobe, notice how many different styles you have and ask yourself “Do I have a watch for every occasion and every style?”

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